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    Good Blessed DAY to all
    I am Albert van den Berg. Nickname “Allie” . I am an Intern at Property Port Uvongo. Two months into the industry, learned a lot ,still need to learn a lot.
    Hope to connect and grow to become a world famous property professional. I am a dreamer yes, good healthy relationships are main point in life .


    Hello Albert
    Thank you for your post. Welcome!
    We have sent you and email introduction to welcome you and invite you to engage with us by email any time.
    As an intern I am sure you will be able to find lots of value on theagentlounge platform. If you would like an online tutorial via Zoom, please let us know via the email we have sent you.
    Chat soon.


    Hi all.
    After 10 years in the industry I “took a break” from it all for three years and have just started up again 4 months ago. I said “I’ll do this again – but I’ll do things differently”. Every property sales training I’ve ever attended had the same message – “stop listing every single property… you will kill yourself… just list ten, sellable, well priced sole mandates and let the buyers come to you.” Well… I have the fewest listings in my companies but I’ve sold/am selling nearly every one of them because I am 100% engaged with my ten, sellable, well priced sole mandates. Rather than listening to my principals who drove me to insanity with their “targets” I have found my sweet spot/momentum and I’m looking forward to a renewed love affair with the real estate sales game. I encourage any new agents to be brave. And remember you can never sell a property – it’s the price and the price alone that determines the sale vs stale outcome. Thank you AgentLounge for this great initiative and here’s to rallying a community.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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