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Hi all.
After 10 years in the industry I “took a break” from it all for three years and have just started up again 4 months ago. I said “I’ll do this again – but I’ll do things differently”. Every property sales training I’ve ever attended had the same message – “stop listing every single property… you will kill yourself… just list ten, sellable, well priced sole mandates and let the buyers come to you.” Well… I have the fewest listings in my companies but I’ve sold/am selling nearly every one of them because I am 100% engaged with my ten, sellable, well priced sole mandates. Rather than listening to my principals who drove me to insanity with their “targets” I have found my sweet spot/momentum and I’m looking forward to a renewed love affair with the real estate sales game. I encourage any new agents to be brave. And remember you can never sell a property – it’s the price and the price alone that determines the sale vs stale outcome. Thank you AgentLounge for this great initiative and here’s to rallying a community.