EAAB Support

Need HELP with your EAAB matters?
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Just like a visa, passport or car licence service, we engage the EAAB and facilitate your matter on your behalf. This is a free service for our paid members, unless there are complicated unexpected factors which result in long and involved time consuming activities, not first seen. We will still facilitate these and may need to quote an additional small fee, but you will first approve this after our free investigation. If it is a straightforward matter we will handle it all for you, for free, if you are a paid member.

Let theagentlounge do this for you with a proven track record of success. We do this all the time. 

Hand over your matter to us, sit back and focus on what you do best…….your real estate business.  

Stop wasting precious energy on troubling and time consuming administration.

EAAB Support Service

Sign up as a FULL MEMBER, only R35pm, if you haven’t already done so, then head over the EAAB SUPPORT REQUEST PAGE using the button below, or simply email us with your matter at eaab@agentlounge.co.za

Investigation, feedback and most facilitation
 is a FREE service

 PAID MEMBERS: go directly to

Please note that the EAAB support service described above is for each paid-up full member and on a per individual basis. We are unable to assist with requests from one member signing up and then asking us to handle a number of other agents on their single membership behalf. An example of this would be a principal signing up and then asking theagentlounge to investigate all of their agent’s EAAB matters on one membership. In this case each agent must also sign up on their own accord or the principal can pay on behalf of each of their agents needing assistance. Alternatively we can quote to handle all EAAB facilitation for an agency and take this admin load off your shoulders. You are welcome to email us with your questions : eaab@agentlounge.co.za