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Before we begin, may we ask you a question?

Who else in SA does all this for you?

theagentlounge is an initiative designed specifically for real estate professionals, like you. We are singularly focused on adding value to you and your business. We wake up in the morning asking ourselves, “what we can do today to add value to real estate professionals?” We are constantly at work searching for ways to do just that!  Check out our compliments on our testimonials page.

Here’s a snippet of what full membership offers, what we have been doing and how we are adding value all the time, with much more to come:

Examples includes free EAAB support services, real estate content in the Library if you are looking for something in a hurry, like the EAAB fees or the code of conduct. The search function is lightning fast. There is a training room for online NQF4 & 5 real estate qualifications, logbook support, 21st Century courses and some free courses too, like Entrepreneurship, which will inspire and motivate you. The Partners page is there to use quick links to get support from real estate stakeholders, like bonds, or bridging finance or a commission advance or the like. The Shop is stocked with only real estate items that can add value to you and your business. We work hard to get our members discounts.  We also provide ongoing communication, free offers, real estate announcements, EAAB notifications and much more.
You will always hear from us on what’s new, (we never spam) so you don’t have to go looking for it, and more importantly, you won’t miss anything, keeping you informed and in touch with all things real estate in SA.
Take a look at our Facebook page and see how much we have done and are doing for real estate professionals. Also see how our members are delighted with our service.
Your membership is important to influence how the theagentlounge will better serve you in the future and add to our VOICE for Real Estate professionals in SA. Who else will do this for us? It will allow us to leverage CHANGE in this industry. The bigger we grow, the more effective we will become. Please invite your colleagues to sign up too.

theagentlounge will  change and grow continuously in the content and communication we bring to our members, to add more value to your real estate life. We will always keep you informed, by email and on social media, so watch out for our activity and communication.

Please consider signing up as a full member, only R35pm,  (for less than the price of a cup of coffee and muffin per month!…not to mention our fees are the lowest in the industry) so that you can enjoy all that theagentlounge has to offer. You can sign-up now by clicking here.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at support@agentlounge.co.za. We would love to hear from you.



there is also a free category


there is also a free category